Sader’s Pawn Shop Edit


Welcome to Uncle Sader’s! A 24-hour convenience shop filled with Knick knacks, oddities, and the mystic. Need more coins? Need to free up space in your inventory? Sell your goodies and earn coins doing it. The rarer the item, the higher the gains.

Unlocks at level 1 for 50 coins

Many Mysteries Club Edit


Sherlock and Dr. Watson, watch out! The Many Mysteries Club is making a name for itself in the super-sleuth community. Allowing you to craft all the devices you will ever need to find a real monster.

Unlocks at level 3 for 100 coins

Monster Diner Edit


The rundown local diner is a great place to craft protein-rich delicacies for the monster in all of us. Collect and create various treats to complete missions.

Unlocks at level 3 for 100 coins

Dancing Pumpkins Edit


The dancing pumpkins appear all over town with random drops

Fortune Teller Edit


Will fortune smile on you? Choose a card will it be a craft item? Will it be gold? You will never know the treasures these cards may hold. Choose the right one and claim them all. May fortune be in your favour.

Unlocks at level 6 for 900 coins

Witches Cabin Edit


A decrepit cabin in the woods is the perfect place to hone your skill and craft various potions and wares to keep your town mystical. A dash of magic and the occult will assist you in creating rare items to be used for unique purposes.

Unlocks at level 22 for 30000 coins, 1yellow gem, 2 compasses, and 2 astrolabes

Treasure Dealer Edit


Longing for that diamond in the rough? Only here can you find a missing piece of your artifact collection. Fulfill the requirements for each special deal to be granted your unique item. Each reward is exclusive and random. Items obtained here can be used to unlock areas, which further expand your town. Make deals often to unlock the secrets of Horrortown.

Unlocks at level 11 for 7000

Mad Laboratory Edit


Being mad is a part of crafting abnormal and useful items. In this dilapidated playground, you’re free to craft what you need for that science experiment or creepy creation. Whatever your need, only in The Mad Laboratory can you craft in peace.

Unlocks at level 14 for 9000 coins, 3 maps, and 1 compass

Scare-O-Meter Edit


With just 24 hours scare your town and collect their fear to fill the meter earn cash treasure and gems.

Old Tavern Edit


The old tavern was the place to be back in the day, after closing it became the local hangout spot for the neighborhood monsters.

Old Tavern Specs
Unlocked Level 4
Purchase Price 600 coins
Spawn Mrs. Dark 45 coins
Spawn Mr. Mortman 70 coins
Spawn Mrs. Maaargh 90 coins
Slappy (if purchased) Free
Reward Sorrow Choker
Drop Rate Up to 80%
Respawn (clock) 1 hr 30 mins
Respawn (dollars) $9 - immediately

Drive-in Theatre Edit


The drive-in is the place for the towns people to gather and watch movies, and for you to collect some dollars, who needs a horror movie when monsters are real.

Unlocks at level 8 for 50 coins

Promenade Edit


The town can stroll down the promenade take in the sights and sounds of the waters as they crash against the shore line, it is also the host of the towns special events.

Unlocks at level 10 for 4000 coins

Goldsmith Edit


For all your gem crafting needs. Need a black gem but not getting one, just craft one through the goldsmith.

The Bank Edit


Need some extra cash head to the bank, will drop $3 every 24hrs

Available for purchase through Uncle Saders pawn shop packs (costs real time money)

Gem Mine Edit


Still have problems with gems, take a chance with the gem mine. Harvest gems every 24hrs. Located in the suppliers section of the market place.

Costs $300

Gypsy Camp Edit


Need more maps or compasses, head to the gypsy camp. They may feel generous. Located in the suppliers section of the marketplace.

Costs $150 and drops every 12hrs (item is random)

Book CollectionEdit


Finish the quest lines, and complete the collection to receive a special reward